Faculty Name

Peter Chen, Ph.D.




Chemistry and Biochemistry



Office Location

Albro-Falconer-Manley Science Center 182


Ph. D., University of Wisconsin
A.B., Cornell University


Our research group is developing new coherent multidimensional spectroscopic techniques for studying gas phase molecules.  These techniques can produce two-dimensional patterns that make it relatively easy to assign rotationally resolved peaks.  For example, these patterns automatically sort peaks by quantum number, selection rule, species, etc.  The patterns are useful for studying systems where congestion problems would otherwise obscure the patterns needed to analyze and interpret high resolution spectra.   

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Activities & Awards
Chemistry Councilor, Council for Undergraduate Research, 2004-2007
2001 Spelman College Presidential Award for Research
Phi Beta Kappa
1997 NSF CAREER Award
1996 NASA Faculty Award for Research
Charles N. Reilley-Upjohn Award for outstanding research in analytical chemistry
Member of the PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century

Research Interests